Framework7 also comes with features detection library.

It is avaialable as a support property of Framework7 class ( and same property on initialized app instance (

// If we need it in place where we don't have access to app instance or before we init the app
if (! {
  console.log('No touch support');

// After we init the app we can access it as app instance property
var app = new Framework7({ /*...*/ });
if (! {
  console.log('No touch support');

Support Properties

touch Touch events support (touchstart, touchmove, touchend)
transforms3d CSS 3D Transforms support
flexbox CSS Flexbox model support
observer Mutation Observers support
passiveListener Passive event listener support
gestures Gestures event support (gesturestart, gesturechange, gestureend)
positionSticky CSS position:sticky support